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Scatter Your Soul

by Rouilleux

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Eat 05:42
This guy from the corner He's too far away from being a mammal Nothing but a source Of organic waste The guy lives and breeds in dung When asked His answer Is silence So I went on Minding my own business I didn't understand a single thing of it And I couldn't have cared less As I was just looking for something Something that would stick Somewhere else than to the sole of my mind And as the body drifts away It breaks down And as the morning slips away It folds And though the writing peels away And melts down Today it brings The shore Change the course It's over Fear yourself Alone The More Stones They Have The More Curd They Down Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut
Organize 06:48
We immersed In the silent storm We were burning The gas lamps illuminating our way The cave we found Absorbed us We could hardly see We were all wrong We were hardly animals Hardly human beings Hardly stones Showing their faces To the mob We were not there We weren't even on our way The bed was soaked The window's closed The heat was gone Step in front And spin Damned All damned Sieve Split In half Trying to navigate Through the grass And the mud And the roots tripping Facing the gravel No one was alarmed They just got up And went somewhere else I remained seated Trying to remember something Of what I just saw Calm Me Down Say no more Say no more Say no more Cross And Shape
Laugh 03:22
Is there something you said? Keep to the side Slide away Away from the scribbles Painting Appropriation Embracing Significance And some more trepidation About the discoloration Around the vein Stuff your gut Enjoy the ride Seize the bait Is there something you said? Is it something you said? Blind me Blind me my friend With your thumbs Feed on my warmth Swallow my words This city has no air Devoured Crooked Stained Growing A barren land That sinks half an inch every day
Swallow 04:23
Hold The wavelength is coming Just hold your breath and roam So her soft skin Can never lose the weight of home This fading heirloom Is not enough to turn us on We cannot share The sun that rises Altogether gone But then I looked into your tepid watery eyes And then I crawled into your chest And there I stumbled upon truth It seems that you just want to halt The trembling in your arms But I can't be the one to hold you One to hold you One to hold you One to hold you down
Recall 03:06
Do you Hear that laughter? You’ve already shown Your overall skill Relaxed and groomed Unveiled by the sea Do you wish all these clowns Were held at bay? Then be the last one That hails Hails Horizon Approaching And dare Dare with ease Embody the body That never recovers From toil Live the play That you lust for The rouse, the beating And the kittens that part The truth will unravel The clowns will be stranded As you stare at the border And wait Recall
Climb 04:20
The whole story From the edge of the road That soothes and encodes That cuts and erases It all comes down to your glory And the land covered with gray It all comes down to the place that it was Or ought to have been The lies are too heady All the lies are too cruel To the hearts That are chewing away On the mud oozing out of their sores Come all unready And peep through the hole And see what I see That I'll climb over you I'll climb over you I'll climb over you When you're done
Scatter 05:18
I'll watch and learn How you fool the bodies That emerge in your soul That emerge in your head And I'll rid your mind Of the doubts that it carries As your camouflaged friend Brings out the dead I'll watch you engage In this struggle unworried When the time is right At the sycamore trees They’ll go back up in flames And burn what they buried And the weight of the soil Will eat all the leaves Away Watch It started with the flu And it starts again Watch And imagine it all comes back to life Watch A pebble move A grin Of a wolf Watch As it slips underneath Underneath all the doors Underneath all the doors Underneath all the doors Watch I fell out of love With the guide through the valley Whose eyes have created the hole And the moan that was heard Down the stairs, in the alley Was only a part of the role Concealed by the light From the mind that's unvaried You come down from the sky And you die out again When you slump to the floor And the old times are buried I'll come back to you And I'll scatter your soul


[K&K 36]
sound/mix/master: Federsel
cover: Patrik Pelikán
(c) 2014 Rouilleux
(p) 2014 KLaNGundKRaCH & Letmo productions


released June 26, 2014

LR: guitars, vocals
MS: bass, synth, beat
PV: percussions, clarinet, trumpet


all rights reserved




Rouilleux is a project/band founded in 2009 by Luboš Rezek.

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