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Rite of Passage / Live at Punctum

by Rouilleux

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This rite of passage stuck at the threshold existence at its very best Subliminal messaging of the dry dirt meekly pushing up the thirsty strands of grass holding until the crack finally tears the ground apart and the gaping hole fits all the pecking birds in a shallow grave
I don't know about you, but I've been sitting in this room for a while. Trying to decipher the information that's being placed on the walls around me. Some words in foreign languages or perhaps my own. Nonsensical words that keep writing themselves on the walls. In invisible ink. Where the red fibre grows you'll find me. As the war in-between intensifies. As the records fold into themselves the insurmountable is on the rise. And the moon never shows in the harbour. As the grime in-between exemplifies the indecipherable. Insurmountable in disguise. Inhaling. Exhaling. The plight of the mutes prevailing. But I know what the records won't show.
The rays The rays The inner workings of the world Share their face With your veins and mine And you follow And you squeak The minds are outside The minds are outside
Black Pencil 03:49
The black pencil draws the eyebrow. Have mercy. Now this is the contour and this is the shape. When your arm drops. Soft. Round. Piece of meat. Piece of flesh. Soft and round. And soon you'll realize as I'll crawl inside. I'll crawl inside. And the form will devour me.
A Twitch 03:19
The way you turned out... it hints at something else than a mere struggle with imagination. You can't account for your time, you spend days and weeks and months among people from another universe. The complete collapse of memory is at work and covers all events with a thin veil of misunderstanding. So come here and step towards the abyss with me. Come take my arm and dream with me about falling. Let us bury the past and lose ourselves in the haze of our limbs. Now come with me and clutch the hands of your maker.
Compass 02:01
Snow white priests come again and fall out of scope of the real and the unreal. And they lose track of their minds along with their bodies. Snow white priests. They claimed to have understood the world. But they don't speak the language that I speak. They are living in someone else's hallucination. Now you speak to me about their place and mine. We're condemned to survive in a world of imaginary haptics. And I climb. I claim. I fold. I spit. On their grave and mine. Their grave and mine.
Organize 04:52
We immersed In the silent storm We were burning The gas lamps illuminating our way The cave we found Absorbed us We could hardly see We were all wrong We were hardly animals Hardly human beings Hardly stones Showing their faces To the mob We were not there We weren't even on our way The bed was soaked The window's closed The heat was gone Trying to navigate Through the grass And the roots And the bones tripping Facing the gravel They just got up Went somewhere else And I remained seated Calm me down Say no more Calm me down Say no more Cross yourself And imprint yourself In the ground
Traps 04:25
Head held high I’ll soothe you Hand kept tight I’ll lure you in Come my friend And let the light of love Shine through you Head held high Endure you Maybe There’s a reason for all this folly But it won’t come round my way
The fold closes the circle around my body and yours. The city burns to the ground that reveals the remains of all our fears. The ones that turned out to be true. They sleep and they don't. The imbalance grows and throws everything out of shape. The features are skewed and twisted. The everyday ghosts change shape. And nothing makes sense anymore. The scent reaps. The memories go awry. The bile revolves in the mouth. The descend begins and ends. The final position is too familiar to everyone involved. Spit up and cease to exist.


Recorded live on February 29th, 2024 at Punctum, Prague as an opening act for Massimo Pupillo and subsequent collaboration set

Event organized by Jednota collective
Photo by Anna Baštýřová
Thanks to Vendula Přikrylová & Václav Adam


released March 27, 2024


all rights reserved




Rouilleux is a project/band founded in 2009 by Luboš Rezek.

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