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Lycanthropic Sounds

by Rouilleux

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A Twitch 03:49
The way you turned out... it hints at something else than a mere struggle with imagination. You can't account for your time, you spend days and weeks and months among people from another universe. The complete collapse of memory is at work and covers all events with a thin veil of misunderstanding. So come here and step towards the abyss with me. Come take my arm and dream with me about falling. Let us bury the past and lose ourselves in the haze of our limbs. Now come with me and clutch the hands of your maker.
Be here or don't Among the screens and the words The butterflies are not flying over And the air that you breathe is not yours Just watch the vapors Coming from the ground I ride I rest at sundown I drink the poisoned water From the Urubamba river And it doesn't matter where the stream takes me As long as it's far Far from you all
Lead Me 03:19
If I walked down the street What do you think I'd see? In the stream of lies About all that you can be And if I walked on by With the growing water at my heels What do you think I'd see If you spilled yourself all over me? Lead me
The Hole 03:03
You've come home So don't you worry It is just the hole Between the body and the soul And as the long long shadows fall We stumble
Hold On 04:56
One fine day by the river Then the lights will go out And the voices will fade One fine night by the river Then the dust and the fog Will cover all There and then I'll have the plan I can't devise Hold on
Common Sense 05:01
Suddenly the ceiling disappears And the scary prospect of afterlife Makes me squint at the hole at the bottom part of our window With furniture and children’s books all around A familiar figure reveals itself At the foot of the hill that leads to my house And up we go On the sandy path lit with public illumination You and me My harshest friend There were times I looked up to you Wishing I was capable of the deeds you spoke of Knowing that those figments of your imagination Are the worlds I can never reach And there were times when I hated you almost as I hated myself But then again you were all I had And so I too began dreaming Of the mundane things not so far from me Of drowning in somewhat different waters Climbing somewhat different hills And then I fooled myself that by the time this all came true You'd be gone
Joys of Love 02:39
And now I've seen The paths divide And with our backs against the wall Unclench my hand Point to the sky And take the fall The colours rage Behind your eyes And in the fire of your mind I've seen the one To guide my way When I am blind I want to hear The silence breathing Walk in the weeds Forget the sound Of people breeding In desert fields But there's no end Or common ground Still, I'll embrace the thoughts I fear For some short time For evermore Just to be near
Birds 02:47
Corrode my face Woo me Woo me We'll feel like birds released from the cage And you'll sing me about love Rule me Rule me Have you been thinking about me? Have you been dreaming about me? Have you been talking about me? Call out Call out To me
There is no movement The land lies Begs for water And I my friend am long forgotten And still reaching for the stars And the appropriate amount of human features There are no movements Just the tainted food And the quiet pig legs Running around town in circles There are no solitary movements
On the streets lined with ashes and dirt We walked and you offered me a hand And then we were lost In empty centers of bigger cities Not noticing that the air had turned When we sat on a bed that used to be yours And stood beneath the heavy sun At noon you rubbed your cheek against mine And then we split In the unreal city half a life from here But now I know I'll see you soon There's rumbling In my chest


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released September 3, 2019

White Wigwam – modular synth in tracks 1, 6, 9 and 10
Jan Klamm – electronics/harmonica in tracks 1 and 7
Petr Vrba – trumpet/clarinet in track 7
JSB – BWV 639 theme in track 2
Elsa Aids – poems in track 4

Written, recorded & mixed by Rouilleux
Mastered by Ondřej Ježek in Jámor studio
Big thank you to Veronika
Co-published with Letmo Productions as letmo9


all rights reserved




Rouilleux is a project/band founded in 2009 by Luboš Rezek.

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